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S&P Global provides businesses and organizations with essential intelligence – including data, expertise, and technology that makes it easy and efficient to being insight into daily decision-making. As the world’s leader in credit ratings, benchmarks, analytics, and financial market data, we help people navigate the market in a constantly changing world. We help customers identify opportunity, take on challenges, and accelerate progress, but it’s only through our talented team that this is possible

Our people come prepared every day to creatively approach and solve new problems. They are instrumental in helping our customers see things differently and take on tomorrow’s challenges, today.

We take care of you, so you can take care of business

Bottom line: S&P Global care about their people. That’s why they provide everything you—and your career—need to thrive at S&P Global.

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"At S&P Global, we understand the importance of our workforce reflecting our customers and the places where we live and work. Diversity, and the different perspectives it brings to the table, helps foster innovation and creativity, and makes our company, our colleagues and our communities stronger."

Annette O’Hanlon

Chief Corporate Responsibility and Diversity Officer

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