About Us

At MBDA around 60% of our workforce have engineering related positions, and so we are working hard to increase our own diversity across all our teams. This includes activities such as partnering with dedicated organisations, trialling new methods of recruitment, and working at grassroots levels with local schools and communities to increase interest in STEM subjects among young women.
Each year we make gradual improvements to our recruitment numbers, and we consistently evaluate our policies, payments and progression opportunities for women. We publish our Gender Pay Gap Report each year, which can be found here.

Reflecting on 2020’s Gender Pay Gap Report, UK MD, Chris Allam said:

“I am pleased to say that once again this year we have seen continued improvement in our gender pay gap data and our company gender balance, and by maintaining our commitments, progress is certainly being made.
“However, although we are going in the right direction, we recognise that there is still more work to be done, and you can find more details of the various steps we have taken to improve further in this report.
“These include partnering with STEM returners to launch a pilot returners programme to welcome engineers back into the business following a career break, as well as supporting employees during the pandemic through our employee networks such as our gender balance network, SPACE2B, and our new Parents & Carers network.”