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Our mission is to organise the world’s information

and make it universally accessible and useful

At Google we are committed to build a Google that reflects and embraces the diversity of our global society.

We opened our first Google office in the UK in 2003 and we’ve since grown to over 8,000 employees, with teams in engineering, sales, and many other roles. Our diversity of teams enables us to make an impact both within Google and in the UK. Our engineering teams work to build products for everyone, while our sales teams help businesses (and Google) grow. Our Marketing, REWS, POps, Finance, Legal, Policy, and Comms teams help deliver our mission while building a better Google at scale.

You can read more about our commitment to building a representative workforce via our Diversity Annual Report. Read report.


Benefits at Google

We strive to provide Googlers and their loved ones with a world-class benefits experience, focused on supporting their physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing. Our benefits are based on data, and centered around our users: Googlers and their families. They’re thoughtfully designed to enhance your health and wellbeing, and generous enough to make it easy for you to take good care of yourself (now, and in the future). So we can build for everyone, together. Find out more about our benefits here.


We’re making sure every Googler feels seen, connected, supported, and empowered to participate fully

Across 52 Countries we have over 16 Employee Resource Groups with 35,000 Googlers taking part. Meet a few of the community-driven groups providing support and making an impact.



Women@Google is our largest global employee network and is committed to empowering all women at Google by connecting, developing, and retaining female talent; creating a culture of inclusion; and making social impact in local communities. Women@ provides networking and mentoring opportunities, professional development, and community to Googler women across 52 countries.

The Black Googler Network

The Black Googler Network (BGN) is an employee resource group of Googlers with a mission to cultivate Black leaders at Google and beyond, empower the communities where we operate, and transform the tech industry to reflect the diversity of its users. Members of BGN create community for one another through participation in events, discussions, and celebrations (i.e., Black History Month and Juneteenth) centered around the diverse topics that most impact the Black+ community. BGN members take pride in sharing their time and talent with one another as well as the greater community outside Google.

Disability Alliance

The Disability Alliance (DA) is an employee resource group for disabled people and their allies. They share advice, build awareness, and advocate for Disability inclusion in Google and Alphabet products, programs, and practices. Google’s Accessibility Discovery Centre, located in our Kings Cross office has been built in consultation with local partners like the The Royal National Institute of Blind People, the Royal National Institute for Deaf People and Everyone Can, and Google’s internal Disability Alliance employee resource group. It will be a workshop for research and product development, and a space for collaborating, co-designing and learning with the accessibility and disability communities.

Parents & Caregivers at Google

Parents & Caregivers at Google is committed to supporting and creating a sense of belonging for Googlers who are in a parenting or caregiving role today, and those who expect to be in one in the future.

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