About Us

FTI Consulting is the world's leading expert-driven consulting firm with more than 8,000 employees located in 31 countries.

Over the last 40 years, FTI Consulting experts have served as the trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies and the world's leading law and private equity firms when they are facing their greatest opportunities and challenges.  

At FTI Consulting, you'll be inspired and empowered to make an impact on headline matters that change history. Working side by side with the world's leading experts in your field, you'll be surrounded by an open collaborative culture that embraces diversity, recognition, professional development and most importantly, you. We embrace, cultivate and maintain a culture of diversity, inclusion & belonging, which are fundamental components to our core values. 


FTI Consulting’s LGBTQ Network (“FTI PRIDE”) is focused on promoting an inclusive community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer employees and fostering relationships with our clients. The FTI Pride network supports company-wide initiatives involving recruiting, employee retention, professional development, and networking. Through these channels, the network serves as a visible and accessible resource for all LGBTQ employees and allies.  


FTI Consulting’s Women’s Initiative (“FTI Consulting WIN”) offers career training, professional development, mentorship, networking and community outreach opportunities across the globe to empower our female professionals to reach their highest potential and develop best-in-class leadership capabilities. Since its inception, professionals across the FTI Consulting network have worked diligently to build participation and local programs by participating in office meetings, hosting networking events with clients and developing core committee initiatives to support our women. 


FTI Consulting’s Hispanic/Latinx Organization for Leadership and Advancement (“FTI HOLA”) is designed to reach the Hispanic and Latinx communities at FTI Consulting, universities, and the community-at-large while providing career development and support. The network provides an opportunity to enhance the sense of belonging and connectivity with other FTI professionals across business segments and functions, and serves to foster relationships with our clients. Through its four key areas of focus -- mentorship, recruiting, community outreach and networking -- the network serves as an internally and externally visible resource for Hispanic and Latinx employees and all who have an affinity with the community and culture.


FTI Consulting’s EMEA Race Identity & Social Equity (“RISE”) Network is a support community for people of color and minority ethnicities. Based on the principle that diversity can foster different ideas and opportunities to better serve our clients.

FTI Consulting's EMEA RISE Network looks to: 

  • provide a safe community to build internal connections;  
  • encourage constructive dialogue on cultural and ethnic diversity; 
  • whilst encouraging positive company culture change. 


The Parents Network is a safe space to be honest and open about the challenges and opportunities that come with being a working parent at FTI. The Parents Network’s purpose is to support employee retention, professional development, and networking of our working parents. They are leading the charge in making FTI a premier choice employer for working parents. 


Neurodiversity Network Goal: make FTI a more inclusive/safer space to be neurodivergent, be comfortable speaking about it openly, and to educate the wider teams so that the workforce as a whole has a more accurate understanding of ND and how to support ND colleagues so we can all achieve our best in the workplace. 

  • Community - creating a safe space, understanding from ND colleagues what the company can be doing to better support and enable us (if anything), dinners, drinks, networking, etc 
  • Upskilling - workshops for ND and non-ND colleagues. Including e.g. having difficult convos with managers about being supported as ND, 'reading the room' or soft business skills as an ND, managing various aspects of being ND in the workplace, or how to support ND colleagues as an NT manager etc. 
  • Speakers - inviting prominent figures esp from corporate/business backgrounds who identify as ND to speak on their experiences of being ND in their line of work. 


Diversity Ambassadors 

With a representation from local business leaders within our offices around the globe, our Diversity Ambassadors help to champion diversity and dialogue and engage our professionals in our Employee Networks. 

Any other benefits that would appeal to women 

  • FTI offers a comprehensive suite of employee benefits – in the health and wellbeing, lifestyle, family friendly and financial security spaces – including multiple flexible benefit options. Particular highlights include firm paid medical and dental insurances; annual firm paid health assessments; competitive maternity, adoption and paternity support; 25 days holiday (with the option to buy up to 5 days more); child and elder support services; extensive flexible and hybrid working arrangements; and sabbaticals.

Awards FTI has won 


How much is spent on employee training each year?

Across EMEA: 

·        Our businesses spend over £4m on training 

·        Our Corporate L&D function spends over £1m on training 

·         This amounts to around 50,000 hours of training offered. 


Other info about FTI as an employer:

  • Over half the staff in London (500+) are active members of our Diversity Employee Networks. 
  • Our EMEA Diversity Inclusion & Belonging Speaker Series this year was attended and watched by nearly 2,000 people: 
  • January 2023 (Holocaust Memorial Day) - Hosted an in-person conversation with Manfred Goldberg, Holocaust Survivor. 
  • March 2023 (International Womens Day) - Hosted a conversation with Dame Helena Morrissey, Financier, author, campaigner. 
  • May 2023 (Neurodiversity) - Hosted a conversation on ADHD with Rory Bremner, Comedian, impressionist, playwright. 
  • June 2023 (Pride Month) - Hosted a conversation on trans challenges with Alexandra Leenen, Financial Services Board Advisor, LGBTQ+ Advocate and Inclusion Speaker. 
  • Oct 2023 (UK Black History Month) - Hosted a conversation on black history challenges and the Windrush 75th anniversary celebration with Sir Lenny Henry, Comic-relief co-founder, Comedian, Writer award winning Actor and TV presenter. 


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